John And Tess Salmond - John President, Tess Committee Member 

John Salmond is the newly appointed president of HOTN. Born and raised on the family cattle property "Lestree Downs" 140km west of Clermont and in 2003 went to work for his grandparents Alan and Meryl Glenwright on their property Mt McConnel 230km east of Charters Towers. John is proud to be a part of the hard working HOTN committee because they are a group of people who are all striving to improve the horsemanship of both experienced and in experienced riders.

Where will you find John: John is the president of the HOTN.  He has big shoes to fill after Doug O'Neill stepped down from the position but we know he will rise to the job.

Doug & Zoe O'Neill - Vice President and  Vice Presidential PA

Doug has always had a passion for sport & competition.  He enjoys the pursuit to improve your ability & talent.  Doug says "Real strength of character is learnt through competition - the ability to win & to lose is learn't through this experience".

"Kicking off Horse of the North has provided a platform for young people and those who wish to improve their skills".

The Allan Glenwright Trophy typifies this point as Mr Glenwright was Doug's Pony Club instructor - Doug assures us he was NOT the easiest to teach!

Doug says "Our committee consists of a talented group of people - they all add "spice" to whatever we attempt to do"!

Doug's motto's in life (which have become the fabric of his life) are:

"Get your arse into gear & make something happen!"

"Never look back, as you'll only see dust!"

Zoe has been riding horses since she was 2 yrs old and competed in shows as a young rider and later started campdrafting. She is a keen challenge rider and enjoys breeding and training her own horses. Zoe enjoys seeing the improvement in horsemanship in people who embark on stockman's challenges as a sport, and how this has a positive affect on other horse sports such as campdrafting.

At the event Zoe is constantly looking after her family's horses and supporting them while they are busy with the event. Zoe is also HOTN's little slave and will do anything you ask of her. She works in the bar most nights she is even our security guard so everyone had better watch out!

Where will you find us:  Doug & Zoe can be found participating in the Challenge.  Zoe is usually running their camp and making sure everything runs smoothly allowing Doug time to compete and also be a sounding board for any issues that pop up during the weekend!  

Ernest Bassingthwaighte - Treasurer

Ernest came to North Qld in the mid 60’s and became involved in horse breeding with a very good start with a herd of top stock horses at Toomba.  Ernest joined the ASHS society soon after it was started in Qld and helped start the Charters Towers Branch of ASHS ( one of the first in Qld.).

In the mid 70’s Ernest started competing in campdrafting which he has enjoyed for many years.  Ernest says "It was especially rewarding to compete in this great sport on horses bred at Toomba".

Along with Alan Wallace and Alisdair McDougall Ernest started the Toomba Invitation Stock Horse sale which is still going strong and is involved in a great supportive relationship with Horse of the North.

Where will you find Ernest: Ernest is our money man, during the weekend he can be found helping out as a steward or liaising with our sponsors.

Melissa Salmond - Secretary

Born and raised on the family cattle property Lestree Downs, Clermont in Central QLD. Inspired by her parents ability and horsemanship she now has her own Australian Stock Horse Stud, 'Tiptree Stockhorses,’ and is breeding and training her own horses on Lestree. A regular competitor in Campdrafts, Melissa has learnt that good horses come with knowing what breeds and bloodlines you like and get along with, good horsemanship as well as good patience! Melissa also has a passion for sketching and has donated several sketches to various events including Horse Of The North. Melissa believes Horse Of The North Challenge is a wonderful way to remember her Grandfather, Allan William Glenwright as it brings all fields and levels of horsemen and horsewomen together, giving the beginners a go and is somewhere the professionals can wow a crowd. Melissa is proud to be on a committee that endures to better itself each and every year. 

Where can you find Mel: When Mel isn't competing she can be found in the secretaries office and anywhere  else on the grounds. 

Ingrid O'Neill - Committee Member

A true horse addict from Mt Oweenee Station via Charters Towers.  Ingrid tries to train her own horses competing in campdrafts, challenges and two handed cutting, while also working as a registered nurse in Townsville Emergency Department. Inspired by many to ride and train but most admiration goes to parents and sister Georgina who give endless guidance and patience.

Ingrid became a Horse of the North committee member from the very beginning, due to being a passionate horse person herself, but also to see a strong competitive competition in the North, which supports locals and upcoming young or not so young riders and trainers.

Where can you find Ingrid: When not competing Ingrid can be found helping in the bar, in the secretary box, and assisting with jobs behind the scenes!


Jess & Mat Hoffman - Committee Members & Bar co-ordinator

Jess has been riding in campdrafts all of her life.  Jess enjoys training horses and competing in challenges so was happy to become involved with the committee to get HOTN started in Charters Towers. Jess was very proud to win her Granddad's HOTN Trophy in 2009 ….. Jess says she thinks he might have been helping her from above! Jess attended Longreach Ag College in 2008 and learnt a lot from John Arnold, which Jess attributes to assisting with her success. Jess works at Laroona most of the time and also does some contract mustering. Jess is the secretary for Nth Qld Novice Campdraft Horse Series a position she has held for the past couple of years.

Originally from Wondoan, Southern Qld Mat attended Longreach Ag college as a student and then became an employee there after completing his education in the Horse Course and Beef Cattle Production. He now works at Laroona Station, does contract mustering and returns home during the North Qld wet season to work on his family property.

Mat has competed in polocrosse, campdrafts and challenges but his favorite sport is fishing. He was talked into joining the HOTN committee and now is a valuable member of the group.

Where can you find us: Jess & Mat are both keen competitors! When they aren't riding they can be found working hard in the bar - probably the most important job for the weekend!

 Sally Kirkwood - Announcer Extraordinaire

Sally is the announcer for HOTN and needs no introduction - she is now famous for her announcing style and jovial antics!  Sally enjoys being invovled with HOTN as she finds the competitors very friendly and she enjoys catching up with them each year.  Sal says "It is heart warming to see good sportsmanship and fabulous riding!  The best part is everyone is very encouraging even to those who are just starting out in challenging".

Where can you find Sal: Sal can be found with the golden microphone and is extremely busy over the course of the weekend.  She is most famous for her antics at the Friday evening competitors & Sponsors dinner and from all accounts 2017 will not disappoint!

Peter & Dal-Marie Glenwright - Committee Members

Dal-Marie has been competing on horses all of her life, starting out with western riding horse shows and cutting when she was very young and then moved onto goat tying (yes goat tying!), barrel racing and break-away roping at rodeo’s. This was where Dal met her husband Peter who introduced Dal to campdrafting. Dal & Peter have two grown up children, Jess and Lyle.

Dal has always wanted to compete in challenges but was too nervous to start. A few years ago she finally decided she was going to compete before "she die's" and she just "had a go"! Since this first experience Dal has competed at the challenge for the last couple of years.

Dal became involved with HOTN as she likes the idea of the dry work and wet work, Dal says the dry work encourages people to put more training into their young horses.

Peter says he is just a "campdrafter"!  Peter likes the dry work part in the challenge but doesn't compete as he says he always forgets the pattern! Pete doesn't like doing circles anyway - he says "because his dad made him do lots of them at shows and wear jodphurs as a young fellow"!

Pete has been drafting since he was a kid riding his dad’s horses.  He went rodeoing for a while competing in bull riding, calf roping, team roping and steer wrestling. He says he got sick of the rodeos and came back to drafting with his wife Dal-Marie and children Jess & Lyle. Pete likes the people and the things you can learn from the people involved in the sport.

Pete says he is "a sucker for punishment" and was an ACA councilor for 17 years, 3 Rivers Landcare President, Rural Fire Brigade Warden, Greenvale Campdraft committee member, Toomba sale committee president and HOTN committee member.  Pete believes people shouldn’t complain about what’s not right in clubs and committee's, he says "get on a committee and get things done how you think they should be done"!

Pete is pleased with what our committee have done so far for the Allan Glenwright Trophy.

Where can you find Dal & Pete: Dal & Pete are an integral part of the HOTN team.  Dal assists behind the scenes and on the weekend is alway filling in where needed or looking after our other committee members - all of this in between competing!  Pete has been the "best" camp steward we could ever ask for! He can be found anywhere near the cattle OR is the main steward for our Presentations/Grand Entries! 


Matthew and Mellissa Salmond - Committee Member

 Matthew was born and raised at Lestree Downs, 140klm west of Clermont. He continues to live and work at Lestree Downs with his wife Mellissa. Mellissa is a physiotherapist that hails from Charters Towers and she and Matthew met at HOTN 2011 and the rest is history. Matthew is an avid campdrafter and competes at the challenge whilst Mel can often be found giving physiotherapy to campdrafters in the Lestree truck.

Where can you find Matthew and Mellissa: Matthew can be found on the tractor in the arena preparing the grounds for the dry work demonstrations. Mel can be found penciling or setting up for the presentation dinner.


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